Fat Camp

There are very few these days who will acknowledge the fact but there is a hidden shame that blights us all.

Much as we all like to pretend it never happened, in the 20th century, concentration camps existed for the terminally greedy.

Buried far from sight (so as not to offend the local population), these ‘Fat Camps’ were policed by guards who (to this day) quote the old adage… I was just following orders.

  • Guards who routinely forced starving, defenceless (but admittedly, slightly portly) adolescents from their wooden bunks each morning to endure a cold shower before being frog-marched for hours through densely wooded undergrowth; apparently for their own good!
  • Guards who also, (when the exhausted, tearful survivors staggered back to camp), offered them nothing more than muesli sweepings and nettle tea.
  • Guards who then stood by and watched their humiliations at very public weigh-ins.

Yet when these camps were finally liberated, were the locals (who continue to this day to deny all knowledge of the ‘goings on’ at these places) forced to visit them to see what was being done in their name?   No, I think not!  And as for the guards, will there ever be a day of reckoning?

Justice for Fat Camp survivors…who’s with me?