Fantasy Celebrity Endorsements

Tooper has been discussing the role of the celebrity ‘dummy’ in product endorsement.

Is it not enough, he asks, that having struck lucky in the fame/celebrity stakes, a swathe of companies then line up to throw shed-loads of cash and/or premium brand goodies at these pampered (and let’s face it, already rich) individuals?

Yet while there seems to be a never-ending gravy train awaiting the chosen few who have made it to the ‘A’ list waiting room at ‘freebie central’, Tooper wonders whether there are certain companies and celebrities who would not be a marriage made in heaven.  In fact, he for one, would pay to see any adverts involving any (or all) of the following combinations:-

  • Madonna and Stannah Lifts
  • Britney Spears and
  • Bruce Willis and Head and Shoulders
  • Monica Lewinsky and Havanna Cigars
  • Lady Sarah Ferguson and
  • Victoria Beckham and Krispy Kreme
  • O J Simpson and any black leather glove manufacturer
  • Elin Nordergren (ex Mrs Tiger Woods) and any golf club manufacturer
  • Mel Gibson and the Israeli Tourist Board

oh, and one for all the older rock roosters out there …

  • Marianne Faithfull and Mars Bar (look it up!)

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