Death Wish List, Anyone?

Cooper wonders at the human race. As if it’s not bad enough, what with The Crisis, budget cuts and Justin Bieber and all, people still feel the inclination to throw themselves off some flimsy platform attached only to what really amounts to an elastic band loosely attached to one ankle. Even allowing for the fact that some people seem to want to spit in the face of fate, what if you cannot afford to travel to New Zealand or some exotic location to film yourself teetering on the edge before throwing yourself screaming into the void (and then posting the footage on YouTube – so last year!).

Surely there are better and safer ways of expressing your contempt for whatever life and its vagaries throws at you?

Why not scratch out the consume-by dates on your fridge food and play Russian roulette every evening with your food choices? OR, the day before a bank holiday go to your local supermarket, offload all your goods onto the conveyor belt and then take an urgent call just as you are about to pay. Or even, if you really are tired of life … jump the queue at B&Q on pensioners’ discount day.

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